34.        Best Teachings from the Bible.

In response to this question a new page has been added to
this website entitled “
Teachings from Great Bible Chapters” in
the same tradition of the classic “Preaching from Great Bible
Chapters”, I believe by Kyle Yates.  Although still in
development, you will find a list of 10 of the greatest
passages of the Bible.  In fact, if you can follow the exegesis
to follow in development of these 10 greatest passages,
including the greatest of all passages in the Bible {and no, it is
not John 3:16}, then the rest of your theology and Bible
should naturally fall in place.
Now if you mean by this Bible search question, 10 of the
major doctrines of the Bible, you are referred to the product
page of which contains a list of 10 major doctrines of the
Bible with a short explanation.  Also if you will look at the
ANSWERS page, you will find references to some other
answers on Doctrine such as the Doctrines of Jesus, Sound
Doctrine, and audio on doctrines.
Now if you are think of the Bible survey course on the 12 Top
Topics of the Bible.  You will find the list on the enrollment
page for
SunGrist_Bible Seminary.  These 12 subject topics
summarize the whole of the Bible, both Old and New
Testaments by utilizing all the quotes in the NT from the OT
with the proper interpretation given in the NT of that portion of
the OT.  It is what is sometimes called the ASPI which is
short of Authorized Semi-Public Interpretation of the Bible.  
Also you will find that two volumes of the LEARN CHRIST
volume 1 and volume 5, are built around
the outline of the 12 Top Topics of the Bible, primarily based
on the quotes of the Old Testament.

35.        Colossians 1:24.

As you well know in many of Paul’s letters he explains himself
and his ministry.  For background on this you might want to
read some of the LEARN CHRIST commentaries such as
volume 3 on the Life and Letters of the Apostle Paul, also
from volume 1 where it is introduced that Paul was chosen by
God to be the chief editor of the New Testament.  That he
achieved this is witnessed by the obvious fact that he wrote
14 of the 27 books of the NT, and the less obvious fact that
he sponsored Dr. Luke and John Mark in the writing of 3
other books.  {this is what you will find fully developed in
volume 1 and 3}
You will find this ministry of chief editor of the NT referenced
by Paul in Colossians 1:25 as he relates how he was chosen
by God to “complete” or “fulfill the word of God”; and if we do
not read such passages in many of his letters where he
elaborates on the ministry assigned to him by God, we can
like is most commonly the case think of Paul’s primary
ministry as the missionary journeys.  You need only look at
the Bible and the influence it has today, reflecting on the
influence of Paul in the writing, to see how much greater his
ministry of writing and editing was than even the missionary
Of course, Paul’s own understanding of his total ministry of
Paul was inter-related, as he elaborates in Colossians 1:24-
29:  suffering for the Colossians and the whole church, the
total body of Christ {notice that this is church in the sense of
the total body of Christ which goes far beyond a local church,
it is the church written in heaven, and may or may not include
a certain number of members of your local church} and the
writings.  Of course the writings and chief editor work to Paul
were part of, in his mind and heart, the larger plan of God to
make fully known the mystery of Christ  {see the purpose of
God in Ephesians 1:10 which is to unite heaven with Christ’s
kingdom on earth under the Lordship of Christ}.  This
mystery, purpose, and plan {through the cross} were once
hidden, even hidden in the pages of the OT but barely
understood and that by a few; but now through the writings of
the Apostles in the Bible it has been revealed to the saints;
and this is the “faith once for all delivered to the saints” of  the
Apostle Jude.
Of course, Paul knew like he wrote that “all who will live godly
in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution”; that the greater extent
to which he fulfilled the stewardship of God for his life and
ministry in work for the total body of Christ, then the greater
would be the persecution that would ensue.  Also there was
the very practical matter than many especially at Ephesus
and Colosse turned away from Paul—many he wrote “had
forsaken him”—as a common criminal because he was a
prisoner of the Roman Empire.  Paul wrote several times “I
am a prisoner for you”, meaning that these sufferings were
for the benefit of the total church body.  And in another way,
since Paul was a Roman citizen with more rights than many
other Christians, he actually for a long time was dealt with
more gently by the Roman government until his final crucifixion
upside down with the Apostle Peter in Rome as tradition has
it.  Then another element, Paul always regretted that he was
persecuting the body of Christ before his conversion and out
of ignorance, and this guilt he desired to overcome.

36.        Paul and the Ephesians.

My, how much we can learn from all Bible references that
connect Paul and the Ephesians.  Of course at Ephesus was
the longest ministry of Paul, and the history of which is
recorded in Acts 19, with the very critical topping of the
meeting with the elders from Ephesus of Acts 20:17-38.  Of
course, you can learn much about this church also from the
message from Christ that the Apostle John recorded in
Revelation 2 of how that church in spite of the long ministry of
Christ and even of the Apostle John who pastored there
before and after exile to Patmos was accused by Christ
Himself of being “lukewarm”.  Christ threatened to spue them
out of His mouth because they were neither hot nor cold, and
indeed history now indicates the demise of this local church
body.  This is the worst thing that Christ can conclude on any
church as the prime indication of the Falling Away from God,
Christ, and the Bible is, according to Jesus, “as sin abounds
the love of many will wax cold.”
You will not be able to get enough of the book of Ephesians
as the greatest treatise in all literature, as “Paul’s Statement
of Faith and Practice” like you will find it treated on this
website extensively.  Also you can download on this website
the chapter on Ephesians and Colossians—these two letters
were really intended to go to both churches and you will with
careful study find the contents very similar—
from the fifth
volume of the LEARN CHRIST  commentaries.  Also you will
find much in the volume on the letters of Paul,
volume 3,
“Believe and Be Baptized”.
Since today we can face up to the inevitability of false
prophets and itching ears Bible teachers everywhere but in
our backyard, I think it would be wise to remind ourselves
what Paul told the Ephesians elders on the subject, which
was really a fulfillment of what happened in Revelation, and
what he predicted in Ephesians and II Timothy.  Paul warned
the elders that after his departure many “savage wolves
would come in that would slaughter the flock of the local
church”.  These wolves would come from two sources:  (1) in
the local church, and (2) from outside the local church, that is
from the larger kingdom.  This is also where you must look, in
your local church and on TV.  These false prophets and
itching ears Bible teachers will:  (1) have not real love for the
welfare of the local church, that is “not sparing the flock”; (2)
they will speak “perverse things” although it may not sound
perverse since a wolf can not succeed as a wolf with the
words that disguise him as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and the
perverse things here is the equivalent of unsound doctrine
spoken of in II Timothy 4:4,5 where church members will no
longer endure sound doctrine, following their personal desires
and itching ears teachings; (3) the vast heaping up process
starts in the Falling Away when the follies of church members
are no longer revealed as listed in II Timothy 3:1-9, as
preachers are heaped out of the local church and SBC who
preach sound doctrine and as preachers and teachers are
heaped in the seminaries, local churches, and denominational
positions who will preach comfort to itching ears instead of
sound doctrine.

37.        B. H. Carroll Free.

I can see why you would want free all 17 volumes of  B. H.
With the recent fundamentalists takeover of the SBC, books
of sound doctrine and with a spirit that does not fight, from
men like Carroll, Scarborough, Conner, Truett, Lee, Ramm,
and Summers will be replaced by the books of the Bible
Baptists when they had their separate denomination before
the took control of the SBC under the leadership of Stanley,
Rogers, and Criswell.  {Criswell warned Bill Moyer on public
TV before they actually fought, destroying careers,
reputations of reputable “moderates” from pulpits and
seminaries, that “we will keep fighting until one side of the
other wins”.  Well, the moderates refused to fight as the sure
sign of a bad spirit, a non-Christian spirit; the
fundamentalists—50 years ago in south Texas we called them
the fuedamentalists, and they are still the same, only with a
hidden spirit now as they are in control; and they now control
the SBC, and you see all the fighting that continues, the split
into 3 denominations being only the beginning.  Your pastor
no doubt will not tell you as he both desires to protect his
retirement in the Relief and Annuity Board and to preserve his
status as a card carrying fundamentalists who believes in the
Notes of the Scofield Reference Bible.  {Yes, do not be
deceived by all these politically correct explanations for these
“not-so-real” southern Baptists:  what motivated these
fighters of the bum spirit—remember “the spirit that dwelleth
in us lusteth to envy” so that they envied the pulpits of the
larger and more prosperous churches {such as Stanley,
Rogers, and Criswell coming from other denominations into
the larger SBC churches}; and do not be deceived that the
true basis of their split were their convictions that nobody can
be sound in doctrine and of sound faith who does not support
the NOTES.
It has become a goal of SunGrist_Bible and www.
biblecombibleman.com, consistent with one of the main
purposes which is “to rescue sound doctrine” to extend the
influence of the SBC classics such as from Lee, Carroll, and
Truett as well as the others mentioned.
As time goes by you will see the fundamentalists pressuring
these books out of the Baptist book stores, also replacing
them with books by Stanley, LeHaye, Falwell, Criswell, Pink,
and others.  Some one told me the other day that Stanley has
a book on “Spiritual Warfare”.  I asked, “you mean on
WARFARE period, because that is where he is an expert.
Anyway, I do not know of any source of the
INTERPRETATION by Carroll free; however if you would tell
me of what subject or where in the 17 volumes you are
interested in, I will try to summarize it.  You may want to do
what my intention is, that is to re-survey some of the old used
book stores in the vicinity of seminaries and colleges, for
copies of the classics.  Please email me straight from your
email to
Bible Answers Page 10