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Bible Prophesy
(Predictions) Answered
Part One.
Prophets and Prophesy

1.  Bible Prophesy is not for sensationalism, fun, or even
primarily for predictions.

"But he who prophesies speaks edification, exhortation, and
comfort to men." (I Corinthians 14::3)

2.  Real Prophets have always had a message primarily for the people
of their generation, they have never been popular, and predictions had
meaning only in the context of the total message.  False prophets, then
and now, on the other hand have always been popular.  What good is it
to be a false prophet on a world scene that is falling away unless there is

NOTE:  Download and read, free, volume 5 of the LCC
The Message of the Writing Prophets

3. Listed below are existing web pages and free downloads on this web
site that support these Biblical positions, in context. {There is a great
difference between using the Bible for personal profit and gain, than be
used by the Bible as "every word that proceeds out of the mouth of

4.  You will soon find that false prophets, like Satan tried to do with Jesus
in the temptations in the wilderness, will take a few quotes out of context
and harp on them, while the consistent approach and movement of
SunGrist_Bible, out of respect for all the word of God, is:

The ALL Scripture approach.

(2)  The Bread and Bible approach of a Balanced Life.