NOTE:  Knowlegeable Christians keep telling
atheists, humanists, Muslims, and other
unbelievers and sceptics, that IT IS NOT
RELIGION, IT IS CHRIST, and yet few are

Perhaps in this day of bigs:  big government,
big business, big school and universities, and
so much bigness that the individual human
must feel lost, take it out on big religious
organizations of churches and denominations,
especially some that historically have abused
individuals and certain groups.

We in order to make a certain amount of
Christian apologetics to these crushed,
broken, oppressed, and offended Individuals,
are not making up something new in the way
of apologetics; but is an apologetic already in
the Bible, especially in the 5 books of the
Apostle John, that of the books of Revelation,
the Gospel of John, and the 3 little epistles of I,
II, and III John:

any social, religious, and government
organizations of church, denomination, or
religion over the welfare of individuals.  No
axe to grind, that is just the way it is in the
Bible, primarily because that is the way Jesus
is and the way God the Father is.  For
example, the Bible does not say that God has
the hairs numbered on groups, or know when
groups sit down and get up although He does;
and when David wrote the 23 Psalm, he
wrote, "The LORD is MY Sherphered", not Our
Shepherd, as that is also true for any children
of God.  On and on the Bible goes, but
perhaps you get the point.  Perhaps it is a
matter of not seeing a tree for being
surrounded by the forest.

Without laboring this introduction, since the
proof is in the pudding of messages, sessions,
and chapters of CFI to follow, consider that
Jesus taught that He and the Father knocked
on the door of the individual human hearts,
rather than saying at the church  door:

"Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man
love me, he will keep my words: and my
Father will love him, and we will come unto
him, and make our abode with him."
(John 14:23)

You will see more as we walk through the 5
books of John, and related other Bible with a
special emphasis on CHRIST FOR

CF Individuals                                      

I.  The Book of Revelation, it is where
John learns from the Ascended Christ
this new word for Jesus as the "Word".

1.  Introduction to Christ for Individuals,
"Come and See".
2.  Eschatology in the book of Revelation.
3.  Pride or Worship God, Revelation 1-3 .
4.  Number the People of God or Worship
Christ, Revelation 4-7.
5.  War Against the Remnant, Revelation
6.  “How Long” ?
7.  The New Heaven and the New Earth,
Revelation 21,22 .
8. The Overcomers are the Seven

II.  The Gospel of John, the story of the
Word made flesh.

9. “Come and See”, the Gospel of John.

10. Signs for Believing in Jesus.

III.  The Rest of Security and Protection,
Harmony of the little epistles of John
and Paul.

11. Security of the Believer .
12.  Complete Outline of I John.
13.  Faith and Faith Contending in the Bible.
14.  Some Sounds of a Sound Faith.  
15.  What Do You Do?

ANOTHER NOTE:  You may wonder how this
Bible study in the Pentateuch of John, and the
corresponding Google+ Community of Christ
for Individuals differs from the "Come and
See" web page and corresponding Google+
Community.  True, they both deal with
Revelation, John, and the little espistles:
1.  "Come and See" is an emphasis on the
evangelism of the world to Christ.

2.  Christ for Individuals is an emphasis on
how God and Christ focus on the individual
rather than religion.

3.  Granted there is some overlap; but you
know, it is "line upon line and precept upon
precept, here a little and there a little".
“Come and See” by
Jesus in John 1:39

Practical Bible
apologetics, centered
on the Lord Jesus
Christ and the 5 books
from the Apostle John--
Revelation, the Gospel
of John, and the three
little epistles of I John, II
John, and III John.  
Now and then, it is a
personal and pragmatic
invitation to see and
decide for yourself,
more personal and
pragmatic when you
see the Christian
evidences of CHRIST
a Christ for
organizations primarily,
nor minsters and
primarily, nor for single
governments and
nations, but primarily
and that is the way it
was originally written in
the Bible, especially the
books of the Apostle
John, the apostle of
love, grace, and
graciousness!  You
don't need to join any
community, just read,
heed, and believe!

“Then Jesus
turned, and saw
them following, and
saith unto them,
What seek ye?
They said unto him,
Rabbi, (which is to
say, being
Master,) where
dwellest thou?  He
saith unto them,
Come and see.
They came and
saw where he
dwelt, and abode
with him that day:
for it was about the
tenth hour.” (John 1:

“And many other
signs truly did
Jesus in the
presence of his
disciples, which are
not written in this
book:  But these
are written, that ye
might believe that
Jesus is the Christ,
the Son of God;
and that believing
ye might have life
through his name.”
(John 20:31,32)