Epistle of James--small
book, big impact!
Brace yourself for the impact of this book by Pastor

It is not what you are hearing today from popular Bible teachers,
prophets, and prophetess, nor from the pulpits and denominational
headquarters.  "What goes around, comes around."  What James
wrote and taught, even as he preached in the First Baptist Church
of Jerusalem was new and startling on most human ears, and
because of the Falling Away churches and denominations are
deep into today, it is also new and startling to the ears of most
church members.  Like one sunday school teacher said at a large
Baptist Church in Hot Springs, Arkansas said during the period of
a study course presented straight from the book of James, "Is this
Baptist doctrine?"

The THEME alone of James will jar you unless you are already
one of the few overcomers, that theme being LIVE FAITH

You see, while you suspected that there is a live faith, you never
thought there could be in churches and denominations a dead
faith. As one example, and in this study many examples of death
faith will be offered {surely something has to describe the dead
status of faith today in Christianity}, there is the American
Democratic Faith that we appreciate so much as citizens of the
greatest nation in the world; however when substituted for
Christian Faith, as so many do today, it is dead for salvation in the
sight of God, and as clarified in His Book, in particular from the
book of James.

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