Hermeneutics, the Science of Biblical Interpretation.

Don’t let the word “hermeneutics” scare you as it is only a word used to collect
from the Bible and describe the principles that the Bible itself lays down for
proper Bible understanding. {Hopefully you do recall that the last 3 newsletters,
including this one has been on UNDERSTANDING BIBLE and primarily from I
Corinthians.  Already you have been exposed to 3 of these principles of Bible
7c-1:  You could easily have not seen in the last 2 sessions, the first of skill in
Bible understanding and the second on the demonic veil of the rapture, that we
were in reality head over heels into what is truly required to see the only possible
understanding of the BIBLE in the ASPI.
1.  any natural person born on this earth can not expect to understand the Bible
without an internal experience with the gospel of Christ (Romans 1:16,17)
whereby both the power of God, rightness of God, and initial spiritual
understanding has been imparted--
“Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit who is from God,
that we might know the things that have been freely given us of God.”  (I
Corinthians 2:12)
2.  also groups of Christians with a bad attitude have trouble with the Bible also,
like fundamentalists and pentecostals.  There problem of interpretations on the
deeper things of God, like in last things and tongues, is still as old as what might
be consider the bottom line of I Corinthians on Bible understanding--
“Or did the Word of God come from you originally, or was it you only that it
reached?”  (I Corinthians 14:36)
NOTE:  The fundamentalistic Bible baptists act like they originated the theology
of eschatology, and to a certain extent with their false “rapture”, “millennium”, and
Scoffield Notes, they did.  Likewise pentecostals think they inventing tongues,
healing, and the so-called “getting the spirit” and to a certain extend they did
invent it.  You must read online at biblecombibleman, the messages/teachings on
Prophesy versus Tongues.
3.  A Christian does not have to be the member of a bad attitude group in order
to have a personal bad attitude that prevents Bible understanding.  You perhaps
did not notice that when from II Timothy 4:4,5 we mentioned church members
motivated by their own wants and desires, that this is the same bad attitude that
they come to any sound doctrine of the Bible; and the more positive of such an
approach to Bible, that of sound Bible hermeneutics, is A WILLINGNESS AND
“if anyone will do the will of God, he will know of the doctrine, if it be of God.”
NOTE:  If you heart in the sight of God in not right about the truth you are
reading, you will not understand.  For example if while you are in your church
shaking your fist in the face of God on divorce and the rest of his ordained plan
for marriage, as are well over 51 percent of church members, that is a lack of
willingness to understand the will of God.  It leads to isogesis in Bible study which
is a coming to the Bible with preconceived ideas and striving to read that meaning
into the Bible, contrasted to exegesis which is reading out the original meaning.
7c-2:  The God ordained principle of Bible interpretation {understanding} that we
come to in this third session on “Skill in Bible Understanding” is to COMPARE
The very reason that pastors, preachers, and other serious students of the Bible
have the advantage over other church members is that they have more scripture
in their heart and mind to compare with other scripture. And you know it is as
much the spiritual quality of long hours of Bible study as it is the total time spent
on study and meditation.
While studying Bible as once taught by conservatives {not the same as the
fundamentalists of a Bible baptist background} at Ouachita, Baylor, and
Southwestern Seminary, there was a corollary of the principle of comparing
scripture with scripture that was uttered by these profs quite naturally, “Just let
the Bible says what it wants to say, “ or “Just let the Bible say what it is going to
say.”  You see how your long hours of meditation and Bible study during which
you mind and spirit automatically associates everything you have learned up to
that point in Bible study with your new studies and meditation, alias comparing
scripture with scripture, assist you in a natural-spirit bent toward exegeis of Bible
over isogesis.  Perhaps another way to say it is, if you have spent already hours
of spirit led, and other good hemeneutical practices, you are more likely to see
the obvious interpretation {ASPI per II Peter 1:20,21} of new illuminations from
new readings.
7c-3:  The best way to illustrate what has been said on Bible understanding or
hermeneutics during this first 3 sessions on I Corinthians is by example.  Come
with me as we in one morning meditational period read through I Corinthians,
seeking pointed illuminations and looking also for the DAY OF THE LORD AND
Lord.  {Those on that great and notable day of the LORD and Lord, were
mentioned at the end of session 7b.}
1.  Reading #1, I Corinthians 1:2a:  “the church of God which is at Corinth” would
prevent a lot of confusion about local churches and the one assembly of all
Christians of all time, the church of the firstborn written in heaven (Hebrews 12:
23).  That is comparing scripture with scripture, we can read 1:2a as “the general
assembly of the firstborn, written in heaven, which presently on earth is located
at Corinth or the FBC at the corner of such and such!”  You can see this total
assembly, or body, of Christ--at least the part that is still alive and here on earth,
having not gone already to the assembly in heaven, with the written words  of 1:
2c, “with all who in every place {still on the earth} call on the name of the Lord
Jesus Christ our Lord”; and the final addition at the end of the verse of “both
theirs and ours”.  What to a great extent makes a local church part of that
general assembly still on earth is where Jesus Christ is a common Lord.
2.  I Cor. 1:2b:  “to those who are sanctified in Christ”--contrary to our desire to
think of salvation as regeneration, sanctification, and glorification, quite often in
the Bible and perhaps more often than that of speaking of the continuing process
of becoming more mature in Christ, is the simple “set aside or dedicated to
Christ” meaning.  However, you can easily see how when a Christian or church
members grows into more Christlikeness, the sanctification of the salvation
process, they are also more dedicated or set aside to the cause of Christ.
3.  I Cor 1:8 is typical of what you will find in all your Bible reading--that is,
primarily in the overwhelming majority of the casual or detailed mentions of “last
things” {or eschatology} you will encounter the two absolute Bible words  either
(1) the “end” for the end of this old earth, and (2) “day of our Lord Jesus Christ”
for the thread that runs so consistent and prevalent throughout Old and New
Testament on that same day of both the LORD God and the Lord Jesus Christ,
contrary to the bad habits of the Bible baptist fundamentalists now in control of
the SBC who simultaneously claim to be more literal on Bible while they put an
eschatological emphasis on extra-biblical words like “rapture” and “millennium”.
NOTE: “ end” of this old earth with the ushering in of a new earth happens on that
same day of the LORD and Lord, that spoken of in Joel and Acts 2:20--
“The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the
coming of the great and awesome day of the LORD”.  (Joel 2:28 and Acts 2:20)
And here is another place you just let the Bible saying what it wants to say.  
When it speaks of the day of the LORD in the OT {and so quoted as for God the
Father by Peter in Acts}, for the great LORD God the Father of the Universe, it
plain and simply in the common sense of Bible, talking about the same day of the
Lord Jesus Christ, that is the Second Coming with all the other things that happen
on that same day, like the end of the old earth and the gathering of the living and
dead to meet Christ in the air.
Do you not see now why the fundamentalists like Criswell, Rogers, and Stanley
fought so hard to wipe out moderate pastors and seminary professors who went
along with the two most outstanding scholars of the SBC ever, Summers and
McDowell, who taught Bible and the book of Revelation without rapture and
millennium.  It was down to a matter of credibility, who were baptists of the
present and the future going to believe?
4.  I Corinthians 1:10, “in the same mind and in the same judgment”, other words
and bible concepts that you will not hear from the fundamentalists in order to
prevent divisions and speak the same things in all churches.
5.  I Corinthians 1:17, Christ sent Paul primarily to preach the gospel rather than
to baptize.
6.  1:21, it is the foolishness of the message rather than of foolish preaching that
fakes out the wise of this world.
7.  1:30, “in Christ Jesus” is the favorite description for a Christian in all of Paul’s
letters with a very detailed description of BIC {Before in Christ} and AIC {After In
Christ} in the books of Ephesians and Colossians.  {See the web pages and
downloads about Ephesians on the SunGrist_Bible web site of www.
7c-4:  All these necessary details of reading and understanding the Bible are
based on the more necessary of a daily pray for (1) closeness to God through
Christ, and (2) service for God through Christ, making some contribution to the
kingdom of Christ, and working out your own salvation with fear and trembling.  It
is so natural and such a daily part of our life that we sometimes forget that in the
search for the deeper truths of God, many neglect this essential closeness to
God through Christ and service for the kingdom of God through Christ.  And it is
such an assumed part of the Bible, like in the reading of I Corinthians, and since
this closeness to God and service for God is such a fundamental postulate of all
Christian thinking and life, we tend in our Bible reading to skim over it.  Let’s go
back, at least one more time, reading through I Corinthians checking for these
1.  It was always as in every book of the 17 from Paul, important for him up front
to mention his own great awareness of the very personal call “to be an apostle of
Jesus Christ through the will of God” (I Corinthians 1:1)
2.  His opening addresses generally are addressed especially to those who have
personally come to recognize this closeness to God “in Christ”.  Even as in the
Bible where BIC and AIC are the most prevalent descriptions {the word Christian
is only found 3 times in the NT, “In Christ” is so common and assumed as to be
neglected} of what it is to have a personal relationship with God through Christ.  
Like in the opening of I Corinthians 1:2, it is written to the church located at
Corinth, “those sanctifies in Christ Jesus”.
NOTE:  The book of Ephesians is the book to read for the details of BIC and
AIC.  As a summary of the first 10 letters of the Apostle Paul, as is the parallel
book of Colossians, you will find in short form a condensation of all the great
truths of the first 10 books.  In fact, online at www.biblecombibleman.com, you
can ready or download how Ephesians and Colossians are easily Paul’s great
“Statement of Faith and Practice” for all who claim to be IN CHRIST.
3.  If you wish to be “called saints with all those who in every place call on the
name of the Lord Jesus Christ, theirs and ours” (1:2b), you must likewise find this
closeness to God through Christ and this daily service for the kingdom of God.
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