National “Den of Thieves”

Whereas once to foreign visitors the American character was most
determined by “pulpits aflame with the righteousness of God”, now based on
what has recently been uncovered in American business and life, the current
American character and personality is more determined by “things” and
“covetousness”.  The book of Jeremiah opens our eyes to the awesome
possibility that a nation of God’s people, then in Jeremiah and now in the
home of the brave and the land of the free, that a nation can so be dominated
by “covetousness” that it becomes a NATIONAL “DEN OF THIEVES”.

“Because from the least of them even to the greatest of them, everyone
is given to covetousness...”  (Jeremiah 6:13a)

And such a nation of God’s people, then and now, can not get that way
without moral and spiritual bankruptcy of the national leadership--pastors,
denominational leaders {like the priests}, evangelists and prophets {like the
prophets of Jeremiah and the Old Testament, the scribes {like the college and
seminary professors of Bible and religion}, and the government {princes and
other rulers in Jeremiah}.  The point of Jeremiah, and primarily God through
Jeremiah, as God most often supplied the very words to Jeremiah as in the
famous Temple Message of Jeremiah 7 and Jeremiah 23, is that God’s
people in the land and God’s leaders--both government, business, religious,
and educational leaders--were the same, without any real distinction of
holiness, dedication to God, and righteousness:  they were all from the top to
the bottom, from “the least to the greatest” given over to COVETOUSNESS.  
And that greed and covetousness led the religious leaders, primarily the
prophets and priests, to deal “falsely” in that primarily they were not doning
their job as a priority to God Himself.

“...And from the prophet even to the priest, everyone deals falsely.”  
(Jeremiah 6:13b)

NOTE PLEASE:  It is not being said that right now the United States as
“one nation under God” is as bad as what the nation of God’s people of
Judah were during the days of Jeremiah, in the sight of God; however,
this worse than can happen to a nation of God’s people, wherein God
and later Jesus, label them as a National “Den of Thieves”, shows us
the horrible “Spiritual State-of-the-Union” that a nation of God’s own
chosen people can come to; and since next of the Falling Away of God’s
people after 40 years in the wilderness and the book of Hebrews which
explains what happened as “an evil heart of unbelief in departing from
the living God”, the book of Jeremiah is our best, bad example of the
Falling Away.  Surely by now, you have realized that the book of
Jeremiah defines “backsliding” itself as not away from attendance at
the house of God, but rather as a forsaking of God Himself as the
“fountain of living waters” and substitutes for salvation of broken
cisterns, or other gods; that backsliding is the last two stages of the
Falling Away of II Timothy 4:3,4, “the turning away from truth” and “the
being turned into fables”; that America and American churches are now
in engulfed in the third stage of the Falling Away as we daily witness the
massive “heaping up” of Bible
teachers, preachers, evangelists, and
prophets with “itching ears”, and there are some advanced signs, like in
Jeremiah which defines “backsliding”, that American churches and
people have or are beginning to turn their back and ears to truth itself.  
And should church and denominational leaders, and the churches they
lead, feel guilty now for a lack of leadership in character, morality, and
national righteousness,  Certainly as sure as the status and popularity
they so readily accepted from the American people and the salaries
provided to do their job has been sometimes greedily received by them,
so is the more than measure of responsibility to God, the nation, and
church members for the righteousness, or lack of righteousness, of a
nation.  Even as all government leaders, educators, and civil service
works, religious leaders and churches would like to think that all the
problems in a nation are because the American people do not listen;
while in reality like in Jeremiah "the prophets have prophesied falsely,
the priests have ruled by their own power", and the people love to have
it so."  Perhaps as in this current economic crisis in this nation as so
many pastors have lost at least 40% of their retirement, which would
have made them far more comfortable than required, God has with this
additional calamity of the many since 9/11 gained the attention of the
pastors and churches about "greed" and falsity.

1.  How do you account for this national trend of a “Den of Thieves”?
(1).  “Everyone from the least to the greatest, all citizens and all leaders” are
given to covetousness” and greed.
(2).  The religious and national leaders, by example and leadership, have both
allowed it to happen and promoted it, by dealing falsely.

“An astounding and horrible thing has been committed in the land:  the
prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests rule by their own power; and
My people love to have it so.”  (Jeremiah 5:30,31)

With the recent revelations about the American business of Wall Street and
Main Street, the widespread “greed” and covetousness from the top to the
bottom in America, we can appreciate the words of Jeremiah about “they are
all given to covetousness from the least to the greatest”  (Jeremiah 6:13)  
This message/chapter is really about preaching, teaching, and prophesy of
the Bible as the Word of God, but that will become clear as we get into
Jeremiah 6 and 23.
While it seems like using our elephant guns of “preach the word” of the Bible
to go after the common violations among God’s people and preachers of
proper respect and regard for the Bible as the Word of God, we are given
both justification and examples in the book of Jeremiah where all the official
prophets and priests had abandoned the oracles of God to preach their own
dreams, visions, and special revelations.  And while we might spend our
efforts like many of the fighting fundamentalists banging away at the lesser
battles of “inspiration of Genesis 1-11”, the “old testament as invented by
Israel”, and even the exact mode of the inspiration of the Bible, with attacks
on others who also claim to be God’s people, we stand on more sure ground
as we ourselves shot from the objective hard-core revealed Word of God in
the book of Jeremiah; and while few if any of God’s people today would want
to claim that in America and American churches today it is as bad in our
churches as in the nation of Judah at the time of Jeremiah where all the
prophets and priests  (1) “everyone deals falsely”, (2) “They have also healed
the hurt of My people slightly”, and (3) “everyone is given to covetousness”
(Jeremiah 6:13-14).
Even while we are facing up to spiritual and eternal truth and truths in the view
of God, particularly about majority and minority matters like there were only
7,000 people in the whole nation of Israel in the time of the Prophet Elijah who
had not bowed the knee to other gods--in the words of Jeremiah “forsaken
the God of living waters” in favor of “broken cisterns that could hold no water”
--we must face up to the truth and reality that even as all the official prophets
and priests of Jeremiah, except the lone spokesman for God of Jeremiah,
were defunct and bankrupt, devoid of any real personal contact with God.  
And having reconciling our thinking to that awesome possibility even like we
are now facing up to realities in this “land of the free and home of the brave”
never before imagined or conceived, like legalization of gay marriages and
collapse of economic confidence in business and government leaders,
perhaps now we have a mind set that can face up to the awesome challenge
that we have many false prophets and itching ears Bible teachers in our
pulpits, denominational and theological training institutions, and Bible classes
of our churches.  Can you consider that, now?  Then digest on these words
from the Word of God below.

“Because from the least of them even to the greatest of them, everyone
is given to covetousness; and from the prophet even to the priest,
everyone deals falsely.  They have also healed the hurt of My people
slightly, saying, ‘Peace, peace!  When there is no peace.”  (Jeremiah 6:

2.  “Greed is covetousness”, according to the Word of God; and it was only
natural that it would evolve as a determinative factor in this National “Den of
Thieves” in which “competition”, as personnified and glorified selfishness, slip
from that self-centered national status into covetousness and greed.
While “covetousness” according to the clear, even blunt words of God in
Jeremiah, was a determinative factor in the creation and evolution of a nation
of God’s people into a “National Den of Thieves”, in the day of Jeremiah and
in the day of Jesus, it has now during the last year or so as so many national
cover-ups have been uncovered in American business and government that
we see the role greed has played from the top to the bottom during this
economic crisis, as at the bottom ordinary citizens coveted more real estate
and mortgage than they needed or could pay for, and as at the top American
business men lusted after all that additional money they could get away with
while practicing not only deceit but also unethical and immoral business
practices; and the leaders in government allowed it all as part of the “free
entreprise system”.
3.  As at the temple of Jesus’ day many of the religious leaders were profiting
from “making My Father’s house a den of thieves” and merchadizing, as in
Jeremiah during a time of national crisis, the national leaders continued to
prosper unabated right up to the end, so from the least to the greatest, top to
bottom, in American today those that “would desire to be rich” (I Timothy 6:9)
--pastors, government leaders, and people at large,  have fallen “into
temptation and a snare.”
(1).  You don’t have to be rich in order to make “other gods” out of things and
greed, of course the rich always having a problem with God’s salvation as it is
harder for them to enter the kingdom of God than for a camel to go through
the eye of a needle; but just ordinary citizens, what we might call the middle
class of American, and by the way also the poor, if they ONLY DESIRE TO
BE RICH, quickly can and did recently in America fall over the edge into the
temptation and snare of the devil.  Why the devil?  Because he is the prince of
the power of the air, the ruler of the things and system of this world!

“But those who desire to be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and
into many foolish and harmful lusts which drown men in destruction and
perditon.”  (I Timothy 6:9)

(2).  Status is closely related in Jeremiah, in the time of Jesus and now in
America with prosperity and richness, among pastors and other religious
leaders as well as among businessmen and leaders in government {goodness,
have you suddenly forgotten the popularity of “Popular Preachers of
Prosperity” and the religious success and wealth motivational speakers in the
name of religion, which we think are suddenly quite now, or at least re-
gearing”, which has caused pastors and other religious leaders of moral
standing in the community and nation and other national leaders “to stray from
their faith in their greediness”, like in Jeremiah.  {They say Osteen was paid
approximately 2 million dollars for his book on Things.}

“For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have
strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves
through with many sorrows.”  (I Timothy 6:10)

NOTE:  Would you not we love it if we had trouble interpreting those
plain speaking words of the Word of God in the bible. Bottom line,
Christians or any church member or otherwise claiming to be a member
of God’s people, or even claiming to be part of the “one nation under
God” of God’s people of the United States, should not love money,
whether he has it or not; should not be led astray from the faith by
greediness; and should not even “desire to be rich”.

(3).  The END is not good.  Recently a CFO of a large home mortgage
business in Virginia, one of national size and repute, committed suicide.  The
people can love to have the status quo where “prophets prophesy falsely”,
where “priests rule by their own power”; but we are starting to see some of
the end result now.  Very seldom does the “judgement of God”, alias true
justice, and the “punishment of God” correlate together at the same time--
most generally as at Mount Sinai when God’s people were caught in a
worship of “other gods” the judgement is made immediately and the
punishment delayed for in God’s own time, and you will find some of that also
in the book of Jeremiah---but according to God in the Bible, and in definite
terms, God’s uses calamities to chastise immediately and correct immediately
His own people, and on the national level; and that chastisement, at least from
the perspective of the people like in America today where there has been an
incessant series of calamtiies on this nation since 9/11, might seem as
immediate punishment now.  Of course, the end punishment at the end of
time, and at the end of the Falling Away, with the second coming of Christ, will
be far worse and far more eternal.

“An astonishing and horrible thing has been committed in the land:  the
prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests rule by their own power; and
My people love to have it so.  BUT WHAT WILL YOU DO IN THE END?”  
(Jeremiah 5:30,31)

4.  I know, the ordinary American and church member just can not think that
this “good guy” who is our pastor or relgious leaders could either (1) deal
falsely in the way he does his job as an obligation to God, or (2) be covetous
like the rest of us; but that is the very point, “like the priest lke the people”,
and vice verse; it is because relgious leaders are so like the people of the
land, in Jeremiah and today, and that these relgious leaders, in spite of their
education and often because of their education, and in spite of their national
and community status, stive to be like and appear like the people of the naiton.
WHAT is the nature of the problem and HOW does this problem of spiritual
bankruptcy in leadership and churches come about?  This is will be th subject
of a section to follow of this chapter/message as we quickly and briefly trace
the words “prophets and priests” through the first 23 chapters of Jeremiah,
especially noting where the prohets and priests are so similar to the people of
the nation and land.

20-1:  Like the priest like the people, ALL God’s People Bankrupt.

Boy, if you and I independent of the Word of God like Jeremiah--divine in
origin, absolute in authority, sufficient in content, high fidelity in community,
and self-interpretative--that is, if we were to launch out on our own and
independent of the content and the authority of this 66 books of the Word of
God to make such hasty generalizations as:  (1) all of God’s people of the
nation of Judah at that time of Jeremiah were “given to covetousness” {does
that not already sound like America today during this economic crisis, except
perhaps out of our respect for mother, apple pie, the flab, and pastors we
have no including them in the “everyone”}, from the least in the nation to the
greatest, from the top to the bottom and back up again, the dominant “ways
and doings” {another phrase from Jeremiah in the famous Temple Message of
Jeremiah 7} was a life-style, in the house of God and out of the house of God,
of dedication to the knowledge and skills of COVETOUSNESS; (2) all of God’
s people of the nation, in worship and house of God attendees and outside
during the rest of the week, “everyone deals falsely” {by the way the “turning
away from truth of II Timothy 4:3,4, that same “turning away from truth” of the
backsliding of Judah and Israel as they both set the standard, definition, and
pattern of “backsliding” in the sight of God, and by the way so counter to the
majority manner in which Baptist church members and others chose to define
backsliding as an absence of attendance from the house of God, that same
“turning away from truth” of this fourth of the five stages of the Falling Away
which begins with “they will not endure sound doctrine”, motivation by the
individual wants and desires of church members instead of driven by Christ
and the Spirit, and the massive heaping up of itching ears Bible teachers that
we see in pulpits, on TV, in conferences, and in classes and seminaries today,
and the same “turning away from truth” of the two step major evil of the
people of God of Jeremiah and of today--that of “forsaking the God” Who
only is “the Fountain of Living Waters” while two, making alternate cisterns
which cannot and will not hold water}; and (3) once again there is a third large
generalization that you and I without Bible support would never be allowed to
claim, that both any of God’s living people who offered advice and counselling
on spiritual matters and all the way up to the prophets and priests, they while
often engaged in futile efforts to provide “peace”, comfort, and even
edification to other people, including the people of God, had done a minute
amount of well-meaning good in that “they had healed the hurt of the people
only slightly”.

20-2:  Preaching of America Today Only “Heals Hurt of the People

No one from SunGrist_Bible is claiming that all of our American pastors,
prophets, priests, and Bible teachers and speakers are completely defunct
like Jesus predicted of false prophets, and Paul of false pastors and
preachers; but certainly you can allow, if they were all completely and utterly
defunct, covetousness, full of ways of dealing falsely and deceitfully during the
time of Jeremiah, then you might consider also that we have a very large body
of pastors, preachers, and Bible teachers and speakers today who “only heal
the hurt of the people slightly”.  (Jeremiah 6:14).
1.  No one denies that they are doing some small amount of God and that
they are some times going about to do good, just like their jobs demand;
however, every time they substitute, like you know is prevalent today, either
the Gospel of Prosperity for the real Gospel of Jesus Christ, or the Gospel of
No-Brainier {a lack of spiritual understanding in the reasoning of Paul in I
Corinthians 14} in worship for the prophesy of II Corinthians that should build
up, comfort, and exhort in the place of the real Gospel of Jesus Christ and the
Revealed Word of God in the Bible.  Perhaps you have never stopped to think
how synonymous “PEACE” in the Bible, especially of the Old Testament, is
with the material well-being {to the extent of making a living} of a nation.  In
fact, in Jeremiah and much of the Prophesy of the Old Testament, you could
replace “peace” with “prosperity” as long as you limit your concept of
prosperity as to more the Christian concept of “having food and raiment let us
be content {or peaceful and happy}”.
2.  Even as you can say that today, most of the preaching and Bible teaching
can be summarized as either on (1) the Gospel of Prosperity and Health, or
(2) Prophesy to Promote Brainless Worship Participation or without the
spiritual understanding admonished long ago in I Corinthians 14; even so to
that extent it is “itching ears” Bible teachings and preaching, something new
and novel as compared to the sound doctrine of the Revealed Word of God in
the 66 books of the Bible.
3.  It is not without significance for today, and the time of temple worship in
Jeremiah, that matters like “speaking in tongues”, superficial praise music,
and individual motions of participants that make them feel good for a short
service while a distraction of others, all specifically mentioned and condemned
in Christian churches during worship, are habitually practiced by house of God
attenders today as well as encouraged by their worship leaders...that is, that
are found in the same churches where the similarly condemned bad attitude
toward the Bible as the Word of God exist that (a) it either originated with our
church or group (I Corinthians 14:36), or (b) that you were the only ones who
received this Word of God!

NOTE:  Even as these fundamentalists that now control the SBC like to
criticize others for being "Politically Correct" {PC}, they have their own
buzz words and concepts that like the wolves message peaks through
the sheep's clothing, they consider to be RC, religiously correct, hiding
a "fighting spirit", and extra-biblical words and concepts like "rapture"
and "millineum" under a preference for Scofield Notes over "literal
Bible", pick and chose method on Scriptures rather than "ALL
SCRIPTURE", and by which to the harm and destruction of so many
church members they teach a fictional rapture independent of the
Second Coming, one which leads church members to ignore the Falling
Away that they and America is now so deeply involved.  Whatever
Commager had in mind as he wrote on the paranoid nature of the
fundamentalists, we while conservative without joining these fighting
fundamentalists, readily see from Criswell, Stanley, and Roger to the
present, and before, readily witness and testify to what split the SBC,
and continues to split it, is that bad fighting attitude and spirit that
Pastor James of the First Church in Jerusalem as he wrote about where
"wars, splits, and battles" come from, identified the source now and
then in the churches and denominations as coming from "the spirit
within us which lusteth to envy", that the we automatically desire to
compete, fight, lust, envy, and practice greed.  And that ultimate greed
and covetousness can not be covered or glorified even under a RC of
defense of a literal Bible.  Both a lack of proper respect
for all of the
Bible, all 66 books, is bad; and a bad attitude of the RC fighting spirit.  
Which is worse?  No doubt, the fighting spirit of the fundamentalists
that now control the SBC, and the effect it has as it filters down to all
the leaders and church members; for God so easily through His word
correct this lack of proper regard and respect for His Word, it is far
harder like in Jeremiah when God's own people have the same fighting
spirit of Jeremiah.  Actually we should coin the phrase "FC" for correct
by the fundamentalists, instead of RC.  Even as the "world knows their
own" so with these magic words like literal, rapture, and millineum the
FCs of America quickly know and identify their own; and even because
they are temporarily silent on fighting because for a while they have
won and gloating with control over the SBC, be assured that attitude is
still there, hidden under the sheep's clothing, and will rise again!

20-3:  “Peace, Peace” is Equivalent of “the temple of the LORD are

Perhaps in order to appreciate how such no-brainier activities of worship
today were promoted and encouraged in Jeremiah even as today, we must
consider briefly some of the specifics of the “Peace, Peace” message in
Jeremiah 6:14, along with some of the specifics from the Temple Message of
Jeremiah 7 where God gave Jeremiah the words that identified the little
praise chant of “the temple of the LORD, the temple of the LORD, the temple
of the LORD are these” (Jeremiah 7:4) as “lying words”.
1.  Certainly you can see both the little praise songs and other no-brainier
acts of worship and house of God attendance with the specifics of the Peace
Message of all the official prophets and priests of Jeremiah as “lying words”,
then you automatically come to see the falsehood of both the Message of the
Prophets and the falsehood of much no-brainier church worship today!
2.  First, a little reminder of how “understanding” is the dominant word of I
Corinthians 14, although the current trend would be to make “unknown
tongues” dominant this message of the Word of God.
3.  Secondly background for “spiritual understanding” in the rest of the Bible.
4:  Similarity of the Peace and Prosperity Messages with the “lying words” of  
“this is the House of God”:  even as the Peace message of all the official
prophets and priests of Jeremiah was not a message from God, not a
message delivered from God to them, and not intended to be a message from
God to His own people, and mainly NOT TRUE, the chanting and superficial
praise repeated three times, “the temple of the LORD”, one time for the
national House of God and of worship, one time for the cities and villages of
their nation like Jerusalem, the city of God at one time, and one time for the
government buildings of the nation of God, also at one time, were no longer
true.  While like with Shiloh, the one time capital of worship in the northern
kingdom of Israel, it was the place where God would bless worship and a
place for the people of God (Jeremiah 7:14), it was no longer true that Judah
and Israel were the nation of God, it was no longer true that the people of
that nation were the people of God {by their choice and decisions of well
more than one hundred of years since Isaiah}, and it was no longer true that
God heard and blessed their prayers and worship in the national temple of
God at Jerusalem, or as far as that goes when they would repeat the little
praise chants from the rooftops of their homes in the villages and city of
Jerusalem, or from the hill tops and in every valley.
5.  All it takes to make a message or prophesy “FALSE” {that delivered by a
false prophet or itching ear Bible teacher or preacher} is for it to be:  (1) NOT
TRUE and (2) not from God.  You know it is sort of like we make Satan to
look like a hideous monster in our minds and movies, when in reality he as a
former “angel of light” goes forth with deception in that same disguise  of an
angel, and his false prophets, priests, and pastors as “wolves in sheep’s

NOTE:  You know it is really not hard to tell a false prophet or savage
wolf today or then:  He or she is a false prophet or itching ears Bible
teacher if:  (1) if it is obviously that he or she is seeking their own
personal gain or status, and/or (2) if they are trying to make disciples
more to themselves than to Christ.

20-4:  God did not Send/Speak To these Running and Vocal Prophets.

“I have not sent these prophets, yet they ran.  I have not spoken to
them, yet they prophesied.”  (Jeremiah 23:21)

NOTE:  False prophets and itching ears Bible teachers, preachers, and
prophets today thrive on the fact that you of the American public will
never read Scriptures of the Word of God like that.  Bible ignorance and
neglect is a coin of their trade!

And the rest of the message of Jeremiah in chapter 23 about all the prophets
of that day you should hear!
1.  God did not call them as prophets, yet they were in the official  and
established national positions of religious leadership.
2.  God did not speak to them to give them messages of special revelation.
3.  Even if they had “stood in the counsel of God” by reading, heeding, and
presenting to the people of God the counsel of God already presented in the
Word of God in books like the one of a few generations ago on Isaiah, then
the people, then and now, would not as a nation have been so wicked.

“But if they had stood in My counsel, and had caused My people to hear
My words, then they would have turned them from their evil way.”  
(Jeremiah 23:22)

NOTE:  The proof is in the pudding; and if the people of the land are
wicked, having forsaken the true God of the Bible that is the fountain of
living waters and having built for themselves substitute broken cisterns,
then the prophets, pastors, and teachers are wicked!  Even as the
priests are like the people, so the people are like the priests!

4.  There is just no way you can rationalize the series of calamities since 9/11
on the nation of God’s people as:  (1) not from the God who controls
calamities for correction and chastisement on His own people; (2) continuing
now in the economic crisis and the swine flu, and not consider that if the
leaders of the churches and the churches produced righteousness God would
not also “hear from heaven” and “heal their land”.
5.  Neither the so-called people of God can hide themselves in churches or
other houses of God, then and now, making in the words of Jesus and
Jeremiah their houses of worship in their own eyes into a “Den of Thieves” or
HIDEOUT FOR BAD HABITS, or the prophets, priests, and other worship
leaders can cover-up their false messages and false righteousness with a
beautiful and large building of worship.  {Ah, how we justify and rationalize
ourselves, not in the sight of God, but to the community and the larger people
of God, by building new and large buildings.  Ah, the people who pass by,
must say, how this people do love Christ and God.}

“Can anyone hide himself in secret places {have you ever noticed how
small and narrow is the entrance into many churches so that God will
not come in to witness the worship and messages}
, so I shall not see
him?  says the LORD, “Do I not fill heaven and earth”” says the LORD.”  
(Jeremiah 23:24)

NOTE:  How also most churches are filled up with the well-to-do middle
class which bear testimony by their cars, clothing, status, and lifestyle
that they have already achieved the success of the Gospel of Greed.  
And how many of them also from a position of status, comfort, and well-
being are so quick to give advice again on greed and the American
economy, of course not with those words.

20-5:  These Are “Prophets of the Deceit of Their Own Hearts”  (23:25)

“I have heard what the prophets have said who prophesy lies in My
name, saying, ‘I have dreamed, I have dreamed!’  How long will be in the
heart of the prophets who prophesy lies?  Indeed they are prophets of
the deceit of their own heart, who try to make My people forget My
name by their dreams which everyone tells his neighbor; as their father
forgot My name for Baal.”  (Jeremiah 23:25-27)

NOTE:  Unfortunately to speak "God", "God" or "Christ, Christ", or even
"Reaching people for and in the name of Christ", with that very common
usage of "in My name" as the prophets and priests of Jeremiah practice
their falsity and deceit and greed, does not cover up these dreams,
visions, and special revelations do matter how fervently and how often
the words are repeated.  Have you noticed the almost sacri-religous
every tenth word of "God" is used by one of the most popular and
southern preachers of the FC.

1.  Oh yes, God is listening to those each Sunday who claim to speak in the
name of God, speaking lies in the name of God supporting the lies with the
foundation of “I have dreamed, I have dreamed”, or something like “God told
me”, all should be clues to the listener of a false prophet and that what he
says can not really be supported from the revealed Word of God in the Bible.
2.  Surely it would not be so bad if some false prophets today simply
preached that “Genesis 1-11 is not to be heeded as part of the Word of God”
, or that the Old Testament books were invented for the nation of Israel to
justify and rationalize themselves, if they did not substitute for that Word of
God, some of their dreams and false postulates, always heresy to place as
true in front of the people what is false.
3.  When you hear something that sounds new or strange from supposedly a
Word of God or a Prophet of God, you should consider that the source is
really “the deceit of his own heart”, like consistently with false prophets of the
Old Testament and New Testament.
4.  Prophesy, per se, further in worship of condemned practices like those
without understanding in I Corinthians 14, or from any other public claim of a
modern day Prophet as prophesy, should never be accepted for “prophesy”
and true, according to the Bible, and in particular I Corinthians 14, unless it is
true.  There is “lying” Prophesy, “prophesy of lies”, as well as true prophesy;
and while we are on it we should add that prophesy is more likely to be true if
like in I Corinthians it is talking, singing, praying, or preaching in the church
that “edifies, exhorts, and comforts”; although you must also consider as
previously learned from the Bible in Jeremiah, that the message of a prophet
sometimes, often in Jeremiah among all the official prophets, only “heal the
hurt of the people slightly.”
5.  True and False Prophesy in our churches and in Jeremiah is also
distinguished by whether the basis is (1) the special revelation of a false
dream {the equivalent of the deceit of the heart of the false prophet}, or (2)
the Word of God.

“The prophet who has a dream, let him tell a dream; and he who has My
word, let him speak My word faithfully.”  (Jeremiah 23:28)

6.  God’s people today, like Jesus spoke of during His days of the people of
God then, “know their own”; and the people of the world in the church will
recognize nd listen to a false prophet while the real people of God, “chosen”
and “called”, will chose rather to listen to a true prophet of God.
7.  These prophesies and “dreams of lies” and the deceit of human hearts like
a wildfire go from preacher and prophet to people to neighbors and the whole
world, creating a God that an image of God, not the real God, not the real
God of the Bible.  And herein is the real sin of all like those who deny Genesis
1-11 or any other parts of the Bible as a Word of God that is capable of
divine authority, high fidelity of community, and self-interpretation, that are
creating anther Bible and another God not of the Bible.  Their major sin is
really against God Himself:  in favor of some broken cisterns of another
tattered and unreal Bible, they have created a substitute for the God of Living
Waters of the Bible.  They like God’s people in Jeremiah have committed two
major wrongs or sins:  (1) they have forsaken the living and real God, the God
of the Bible and of Creation, and the God of eternal salvation with the fountain
of living waters; and (2) they have laboriously with hearts of deceit and
dreams hewn out for themselves and the people who will listen broken
cisterns, or substitutes for real salvation, that will not hold water!

Let me see if I can make it clear from the Bible what you have done!

“for you have perverted the words of the living God, the LORD of hosts,
our God.”  (Jeremiah 23:36)

Even as you can not admit an authority of this One Book as an authority of
God beyond your own authority and that of your group, even as you can not
admit a divine origin, control, and writing through the years of a Supreme
authority is His love to communicate to His own creatures, even as you can
not admit a consistency and message of content beyond the wisdom of your
natural brain and the wisdom of your group and training, even the wise men
among you and the educated and smart, even as you can not admit you can
not accept “absolutes” as if the whole seen and unseen world went relative
with evolution and relativity, even if you will not see that a God like that of
character and personality, especially shown by His Son while on this earth,
Who MUST communicate in high fidelity to His creatures and subjects, and
even as you can not in the wildest imagination of a “natural man” without new
birth and spiritual understand, even personal guidance today from the Other
Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Who also assured through the ages during the writing
of these 66 books that the structure and message was so by “self-
interpretation”  {“no scripture is of any private interpretation” which naturally
begs the issue of the Authorized Semi-Public Interpretation (ASPI) of the
Bible} consistent and readily available if the proper criterion of the
“hermeneutics” of the Bible is met, that all can know truth and THE TRUTH, so
the extreme possibility exists that likewise you do not have that personal
knowledge of the TRUTH of Jesus, that extremely personal possibility for all
that God can and will “manifest” Himself and Themselves to us in the human
heart, unseen to the physical eye and beyond the understanding of the natural
man, alias the wisdom of the world.

20-6:  WHAT and HOW, “Prophets and Priests” in Jeremiah chapters 1-

Once again, it is not being stated by SunGrist_Bible that our pastors and
other religious leaders today are as bad off as in Jeremiah; however, we are
on the verge of falling off that great precipice, under their leadership, of
“backsliding” and “turning away from truth” with these great signs and
evidences of the current Falling Away in this nation of the third stage {II
Timothy 4:3,4) of this vast and massive “heaping up” of Bible techers and
false prophets, savage wolves as pastors, of “itching ears”!  Like termites
they come out of the woodwork, on TV, in pulpits, in Bible classes, in
prophesy, in conferences, and all over.  Have you ever in your lifetime, seen
and heard of so many different, male and female, Bible teachers and
preachers; and so many with the itching ears Bible teachers of special
revelations, unique words, “a word from God”, a dream or a vision or a
special oracle from God like in Jeremiah.

NOTE:  Consider these approximately 30 references to “prophets and
priests” in the first 23 chapters of Jeremiah as only a rapid survey and
introduction to “prophets and priests” in the book of Jeremiah.  We will
need to come back to them later for a more thorough look as part of
these “Bible Studies in Jeremiah and Prophesy”.  They will shortly be
added to another page of this website and as the June Bible Study on
"Jeremiah and Prophesy".

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