New Jeremiah on "Peace, Pastors,
Prophets, Priests, and People".

After all the previous Bible studies on Jeremiah as
shown in the navigation bar at the right, why is there a
need for this  "New Jeremiah" that is both exegetical
and topical on "Peace and Prophets".  The religious
scene in America, with the now most popular
preachers of prosperity, answers that question.  What
happened in the history of Jeremiah, given to us for
examples like all Bible, is being closely duplicated in
this current Falling Away in the US, as again like in
New Jeremiah we look carefully at all the verses and
chapters on "Peace, Pastors, Prophets, Priests, and

{A General Outline with related Pages is shown
Peace and Prophets

t is obvious that the Falling Away grows rapidly with the 2 famous
messengers of Popular Peace and Optimism today, in spite of the realities
currently facing the world of (1) this world-wide forsaking of the "fountain of
living waters" like in Jeremiah' (2) with new Prophets and Pastors,
especially the famous two J's
** now profiting personally from their
ministries by a message of substitute "broken cisterns" like in Jeremiah;
and (3) messages that comfort the people but little, like in Jeremiah by
preaching on Peace and Optimism neither justified by the realities in our
world or in the Bible, nor authorized by the Bible of Christianity.
**NOTE:  If the two J's are not obvious to you in these New Jeremiah
Bible studies, then for you at least, efforts at Modern Christian
Apologetics--contrasted to Classical Christian Apologetics and
Evidences--have failed at prima facie cases {beyond a reasonable
shadow of doubt} to prove:  (1) the reality and depth and intensity
into which the US and world Christianity are into the Falling Away of II
Timothy 4:3,4;  (2) you "itching ears" church and denominational
people and others "of the world" have already heaped up close to
your bosom a majority of false prophets, pastors, and priests just
like in Jeremiah
. {Of all the prophets in the fall and destruction of
Jeremiah, only the Prophet Jeremiah was honored by God with the
message!  By the way that message is still honored,  "The National Path of
Broken Cisterns".}

1.  Peace and Optimism,
Dreamers and Gimmicks.

 "Peace" in Jeremiah, equivalent of optimism for future.

Mumbling in an Unknown Language Versus Habitual Walking or Living
in the Spirit, a practice of dreams of special revelation not the total context
of the Bible.

4.  The National Path of Broken Cisterns,
the Temple Message of
Jeremiah 7.

5.  A Public Service Announcement.

6.   April 2014 Newsletter.

NOTE:  You are welcome to download a free PDF
copy of The Forever Kingdom, in two parts because of the size.

a.  The Forever Kingdom Part 1.

(1).  Introduction to the Gospel of the Kingdom.
(2).  Jeremiah and the Forever Kingdom.
(3).  A Conspiracy against the Kingdom of God.
(4).  The Millennium Movement Crashes on Truth.
(5).  History, Prophesy, and Prediction.
(6).  “...Then The End Will Come.” (Jesus in Matthew 24:14) Part I.
(7).  “...Then The End Will Come.”  (Jesus in Matthew 24:14)  Part II.
(8).  Bible Studies in Jeremiah and Prophesy.
(9).  Background for Studies in Jeremiah.

b.  The Forever Kingdom Part 2.

(10).  A Study Outline of Jeremiah with Quotes and Notes.
(11).  One Baptism (Ephesians 4:5) is the One Salvation.
(12).  Top 12 Topics of the Bible as Outlined in Total Bible.
(13).  THE Kingdom.
(14).  Gospel of the King and the Kingdom.
(15).  The King and Kingdom from Romans and Hebrews.
(16).  Parables of the Golden Nugget (Kingdom) with the History Sweeps
of Daniel.
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