The Book of Romans

If the book of Romans were only wisdom literature on
man and civilizations, it should be required reading for
Jews and Arabs, Romans and Gentiles.  However it is a
very large part of the 14 NT books written by the
Apostle Paul, and as such is Word of God--divine in
origin, absolute in authority, sufficent in message, alive
in reading, high fidelity in communication, and self-
interpretative with the help of the Holy Spirit.

A Preliminary Outline of Romans based on Galatians.
b.  Romans, as with all 14 books from Paul, are self
outlined within the 7 subjects outlined below, by the
Old Testament quotes in Romans as in the rest of the
New Testament.  We must consider that the most
important scriptures from the OT are chosen by Paul
and the Spirit to be included in the NT, and form the
prime content when they are interpreted and
commented on.  {This is a major way that the Bible is

NOTE:  Since Galatians is a miniature of Romans in the
sense that it is a shorted 6 chapter coverage of the
same content, the sensible place to start a study of
Romans, in the nature of the hermeneutics of
comparing scripture with scripture.  To this end, or
beginning, you are offered a free PDF download of a
commentary chapter on Galatians,chapter 14 of the
chapter on Galatians is entitled, "Galatians, Gospel of
the One Baptism", and the total commentary on the life
and letters of Paul is entitled "Believe and Be
Baptized".  So many fables of this great apostasy called
the Falling Away (II Thessalonians) that we are
presently in, not among the top 5 Christian fables,
could have been prevented with proper attention to
both how the baptized in believe and be baptized gives
(1) in the believe for the believer does for himself, and
(2) in the be baptized is the work of God in the human
life; and going beyond that the prime baptism of the
Bible is the One Baptism of the One Salvation.

1.  (Romans 1:1-8) Initial and personal greetings
from Paul as in everyone of his letters.
2.  (Romans 1:16-4:25) “Every mouth stopped” and
convinced like all the rest of the world, Jews and
Gentiles, that they are sinners that “have come
short of the glory of God”.  Being short of the glory
of God itself is sin, and God originally created man
and woman in the glorified image of God.
3.  Faith Counted for Righteousness (Romans 5:1 -
4.  What God does for us in Salvation (Romans 7)
5.  What God does in Us (Romans 8).
6.  The Status of the nation of Israel in the sight of
God, and the new spiritual Israel of the new birth
(Romans 8,9,10)
7.  Natural applications to life and in life for those
of the gospel of the kingdom of the one baptism
8.  Salutations (Romans 15:14-16:27)

Find a "time of refreshing from the presence of the
LORD" in this Bible study, not retirement from
spiritual growth, launch from the shore with
serious Bible study

a.  During the months of online and newsletters and
Google plus Bible study of Romans, a more complete and
finalized OUTLINE of Romans will be developed that
integrates the OT quotes and interpretations into the 7
point preliminary outline of Romans.
"Gospel Pride" is the second best title for Romans as in
Romans 1:16, "For I am not ashamed of the gospel of
Christ..."; and as in Romans 10:11 {by the way an OT quote
from Isaiah 28:16}, "For the Scripture says, 'Whoever
believes on Him, will not be put to shame.'"  We must
conclude with the implications of Romans for our Gospel
Pride, and before you object to such a title as a superficial
reader at Broadman Press did about the same time of the
1980 Protestant Falling away in the SBC with the
exclusion of the priesthood of believers from the
statement of faith, or also consider how often you express
your pride in your church, denominations, children, school,
or country as contrasted to how often you express the
words and attitude of the Apostles Paul when he wrote
and said, "God forbid that I should boast except in the
cross of the Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world has
been crucified unto me, and I to the world." (Galatians 6:
14)  Or do a check on your Gospel Pride as compared to
other prides in your life, expressed and unexpressed,
"What do you boast about?"

NOTE:  See "Progress Chart on Romans" to keep up
with the progressions of Bible study sessions on the
book of Romans.
Why so much emphasis on Balaam? Because like with so
many "itching ears teachers" (II Timothy 4:3,4) of today, with
the initial reading about him in Numbers, he looks like and is
a Prophet of God; but also as with many false prophets of
today, while not starting out to be such as ones in
communication with God Himself, become stumbling blocks
of detremental influences in the lives of 24,000 of God's
people, or more!