A Condensed Version of the
Gospel of Mark with comments
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A CUP OF WATER  is 241 colorful 8 1/2 by 11 pages.  While main text
is in black, extensive bible quotes are in green and comments in
blue for ease of identification and comfort in reading.  The
Bible-centered Appendix includes a Table of eschatological (last
things) events, and a helpful outline of the Gospel of Mark.
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Mark is the easiest book of the Bible
to read and understand; the place to
start real Bible study and
understanding; is like faith as simple
as eating pie and as deep as an
ocean; and you will like the young
man John Mark who initially had
problems on the first missionary
journey of Paul but who made a come
back to be profitable for theministry
of writing a book of the Bible.  And if
that were not easy enough, the
comments on Mark and the Bible will
help you! This is a good time and
place to get serious about "seeking
first the kingdom of God and His
A Cup of Water
You can have free right now,
and in PDF, this short handy
book about Jesus, about His
introduction to the predictions
of Daniel, and about last things
in Daniel, and other sweeps of
eschatology in Revelation and
from Jesus in Matthew 24.

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